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Check out the Nitto FAQ page.  It covers most of the basic racing stuff.  This page is to cover what they do not, and advanced stuff.

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To stage for a good race, pull up to the first white line.   
Staging at this line will allow you to gain the most speed before crossing the last white line, which is the foul line.
When you line hit the white line the staged light will light up.  
This is a game of timming.  Launching will change as you change the setup of your car.  A good rule of thumb is to get staged, then sit in neutral, at an idle, untill your side of the tree starts lighting up.  Drop it into first gear at the 2nd yellow light.  When to start hitting the gas will change with your car.  The faster the car the later you have to hit the gas, becuase it accelerates faster.  A good rule of thumb is to hit the gas around the 3rd or 4th light.  A ".500" start is possible, with out cheating, even in a stock civic.  It just takes pratice.  Be careful not to accelerate too fast or you will break the tires loose and lose traction.   This can be helped some by getting racing tires, but moreover it is practice to see how fast you can hit the gas, without losing traction.
Clutch feather does not mean much in a stock Civic, but it does mean alot in the more powerfull cars, or once you build up your Civic.  Clutch feather is how fast your clutch engages.  Sliding the bar to the top makes a quicker shift, moving it to the bottom means a slower shift.  Obviously you want it to shift fast to get a better race time.  However there are consequences in doing this. First, it will make your clutch wear more.  Yes, in this game it does calculate clutch wear.  After you have been racing awhile it is a good idea to replace your clutch as you will see you times deterioate.  Second, in high performance cars with high performance gear ratios, you will go through the gears VERY FAST.  A split second in missed timming and you will get engine damage.    Moving the slider to the bottom will give you an extra split second to help avoid engine damage.  We HIGHLY suggest this while learning a new gear setup!
The Brake button is the little red button just to the left of the Gas button.  We struggled for awhile trying to find the usefulness of this.   The only use we could find for it was to help to in staging.  They set you a long way from the staging line.  If you just drop it into first gear and idle up to the line you will be there for ever.  Popping the gas a bit and droping back into neutral helps speed up the process.  This is where the Brake button comes in.  Use it to stop yourself once you get to the line.
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Shifting is probably the MOST crutial part of getting a good run.  You can have the best, most built up car at the track, if you do not shift well you will not have a good run!  The "Red Line" for your car is usually not the best place to shift.  Usually by the time it hits "Red Line" your power curve has started dropping off.  To see where the power for your car starts dropping off, go to the garage and run the dyno on your car.  Where the yellow and blue lines drop off is the end of your power curve.   THAT IS WHERE YOU SHOULD SHIFT!  See the picture on the right for an example.  In the car in the example 7100 to 7200 RPM is where you should shift.  
Once you buy gauges for your car you will get a "Shift Light" indicator.  
You can set this at the race screen before you stage.  Simply click on the light, a window will popup, and set the desired RPM there.   Now for faster cars the shift RPM only matters in like 4th - 6th gear, as the first 3 will just be a blur.  This is where pratice and timming come in.   You will have to get a feel for the timming of your car and the gear ratios that you are using to get the best possible time for that car.
NOS = The right arrow button on your keyboard.  We only add that becuase we are astonished to see how many people do not seem to know this.   This game is not like REAL racing.  In REAL racing you only hit the NOS for short bursts during the race, or it will damage your engine.  In the game you can use NOS the entire way down the track, and it will not hurt anything.   The best pratice is to start NOSing right before or right after you drop it into gear during launching.  This will give you full NOS power during the entire run.
WARNING!!  NOS increases you engine horsepower!  This also means it decreases your available shifting time!   Which means you must shift FASTER to avoid getting engine damage!  
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Car Reset
This is another one of those features that we struggled to find a use for.  However we finally found it.  This has value when you are a new racer.   If you are a new racer and have ruined your engine and can not afford to repair it, you can use this to put the car back like it was new.  This is VERY DANGEROUS TO DO IF YOU HAVE ANY IMPROVEMENTS ON YOUR CAR!  If you "RESET VEHICLE" you will LOOSE any and ALL improvements you have on your car!!!  THIS OPTION SHOULD ONLY BE USED BY TRUE NOOBS OR if you are willing to losse your car improvements to get rid of that engine damage.
Driving Class
The Driver Classes are (D, C, B, A).  The worst is D the best is A.  You start off with no "Class" rating untill you complete 25 races.   After 25 races you will get a "Class" rating.  The Driver Class ratings are as follows... 

Driver Class D = More race losses then wins
Driver Class C = More race wins then losses
Driver Class B = 2 times as many wins than losses plus 1
Driver Class A = 2.5 times as many wins than losses plus 1

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