Nitto, Nitto1320, best and longest running resource website. For more then 2 years NOSS - Nitto One stop Shop has been giving the best ratios and tips to all of Nitto1320. We give you racing tips to show you how to run better and the best ratios for nitto1320. Nitto racing, Nittoracing, Nitto 1320.

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Welcome to Nitto's FIRST, LARGEST, and BEST Ratio Database

If you have questions on the ratios, ask our experts!

1018 Total UNIQUE Ratio Sets
Current NRI Database Stats by Car
  Civic (126)    Neon (47)    RSX (163)    Evo (47)  
  WRX (25)    Cobra (45)    RX8 (62)    Supra (40)  
  Challenger (25)    Charger (25)    Ram (37)    Skyline (48)  
  NSX (54)    Viper (96)    Mopar (74)    Funny (37)  
  F1 (30)    Dragster (29)    Stockcar (7)   

Not only do we make it easy to display the ratios,
but we also give you a chance to vote on the ratio sets you like the best!

We also give YOU the opportunity to submit YOUR ratios and let others rate them!

The database is CONSTANTLY growing, make sure you write down the database ID number
for the set you are testing.  That way when you come back to rate the ratios, you know which set you have!

Most of these ratios we did not design ourselves.
So we extend a big gratitude to all of those racers and websites that we have collected them from.
We haven given credit to ethier the site or person that supplied or made the ratios.

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