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These are the Nitto 1320 Known Scam's that we have found
Known scams to be added to the list, or comments, can be submitted

First and formost is the golden rule!!!

We have broken the list down into 5 sections. 
Report A Scam Website
Racing Scams
Password Scams
Free or Buying Stuff
Team Scams


Did you know that those SCAM websites are in violation of their "terms of use"!  Did you know that if you report a scam website to their hosting company they will KILL the website and REMOVE IT!  Here is a list of free web hosting companies and liks to their abuse page. Use these links to report a SCAM website.


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Racing Scams: 
This is a relativily new class of scamming.  These are things people can do to you in a race or about a race.

SCAM Explanation
 1  Pink Slips 95 % of the time racing for slips is a scam.  Espically if they say they will foul to give you the car.  If you are going to race for slips to do an exchange, atleast do it in brackets, so that if the person is going to try and scam you, you still have a fighting chance.  Otherwise be prepared to lose your car!  (suggested by studly)
 2  Miss-Matched Races If you get a race that you think what is wrong with this person(a stock Civic H2H against an SVT).   It is probably because they are "tank" racing.  This is where a person will have a car fully ripped, uninstall everthing, run the dyno, then log out and back in.  This will cause the HP for a car to be miss-reported.  Then they go "blind race" some people and see who bites.   Then right before they race they re-install all the upgrades.  They do this because they think you will run an easy race, because their car sucked.   Espically beware of these if the race IS A TOTAL miss-match, or if it is for a high $$ amount on a race you were not expecting to get!!

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 Password scams come in WIDE rage of shapes and color's, but the one central fact ALWAYS centers on you giving your password to the scammer!

SCAM Explanation
 1 Money or Clone cheat There is no working money cheat for Nitto 1320v109s.  There used to be one for older versions of the game.  There never was a clone cheat.  You are ususualy directed to a web site for these 2 or they just plain ask you for your password, so they can put the stuff into your accout.
 2 Look, when I type my password in Nitto chat it comes out like this ***** This is an obivious scam.  If you type your password in main window chat or in pm it will come through as normal text
 3 Website that says it can give you money or cars. You just have to put in your account info and they will deposit it into your account Once again, obvious scam.  There is NO cheat that requires your account info, they are all done through ArtMoney, which only YOU can do!
 4 Website has a program the requires you to download it so it can ethier cheat, trainer, or hack the Nitto server All of these are scams.  These are always ethier viruses, keyloggers or the program will simply email your account info to the person who created it when you put it into the application
 5 Someone in chat tells you they have a program that will give you stuff.  All you have to do is give them your password so they can put the stuff in your account Once again, obvious scam.  Very similliar to #2
!! This one is new !!
This is usually done with the guise of one of the above listed scams
The purpose of this scam is to convince you that, as long as you are logged on you are safe.  They will tell you that "if you think it is a scam change your password before you log off".   They then perform the double logon hack and get into your account while you are still logged in, giving them the opportunity got get your stuff!
 7 I have "whatever" cheat, then in pm they say things like, give me your password or go to a web site This one is rather self explanitory, See #2, #3 and #4.  If there is any such cheat that is good for users and out to scam them, you will find it on this site!
 8 Change your password to spaces (sometimes set number, some times any number you want) Falling for this scam will cause your password to be blank.  That is how the scammers can log into your account.   It does not matter how many spaces you chage it to, your password will be bank.  To log back into you account (assuming the scammer is not in it) is to put your user name in and leave the password box empty at the Nitto login screen.  Then as soon as you log in, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AGAIN!!
(Correction submitted by 4me2sho4u2c)
 9 Change your password to whatever and logout for 2 minutes This is a variation on the other ones above. It is usually done with the guise of giving you something for free. (Submitted by VolksW98)
10 Nitto 1.09 beta download scam This one we just saw recently. This is a new skin on an old scam. This is usually done through email, web page or IM outside of Nitto. These are usually keyloggers.
11 OUTWAR / OUTPIMP website Scammers often point you to this web site for their hacks / cheats or downloads.  This site is nothing more then a spyware installer.  When you first hit the site it will ask you to do a download.  CLICK NO!! Or better yet avoid this site like the plague.  Always look at the status bar in the bottom left hand corner of Internet Explorer to see where a link is taking you.  If the site is hiding the destination by overwiting the status bar, DON'T CLICK the LINK!!!
12 Key Logger's These have gotten ALOT of attention lately!!  A keylogger is a program that can log every keystroke on your computer.  These are programs that must be downloaded and installed, or you must allow an Active-X control to do the work.  We have yet to see a keylogger that can be based off a web page without a download of some type!  These are usually delivered by websites as download, through Email or recently, delivered through non-Nitto IM services.  Be VERY wary of any downloads you do with the promise of FREE or SPECIAL stuff!
11 Mod's or Admin's asking for password This one you do not see much because the REAL mod's and admin's usually shut down the accounts rather fast.  However, from time to time they will slip through.  Mod's or Admin's WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD!  They have access to the server database and can make corrections from there if they see fit to.  NEVER give out your password to someone who CLAIMS they are a admin or mod.

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 The biggest problem in this catagory is there is NO SAFE way to transact items in Nitto

 1  Buying or Trading ANYTHING This item is more of a disclaimer then a scam.  Like we said in the header for this section, there IS NO safe trasaction system.  The only way to transact items is through teams or pink slips.  If you put money into a team account there is no gurantee they will complete the transaction and actually give you the item.  Similliary pink slips where they say they will foul or such, they do not have too!  They can just run right past you.  If you are going to do pinks for a transaction, atleast do it in brackets not head to head.  That way if the person IS going to scam you, you still have a fighting chance as long as you hit your bracket!
 2  Free Account These are scams because the person that owns the email account that the Nitto account was first registered too, can get the PASSWORD ANYTIME!  It does not matter if you change the password!  If you recieve a free account that has ANYTHING in it, transfer it to an account that you setup immediately and DO NOT USE the free account you got, for they WILL come back in and take the stuff.
 3  Selling Account This is a scam for the same reason as #2.  These also have been use to guise password scams.  IF the person ACTUALLY goes through with the transaction, do the same thing as #2, transfer the stuff out to an account YOU created! 
 4  Leaving Game Once again, this is in the same line as #2 & #3.  If you get the stuff, transfer it to another account imedately!
 5  Free Car This often ethier a password scam or simply falls into the warning in #1.  For those that do get a free car it usually someone fencing stolen items.  Just like a pawn shop in the real world they are simply changing stolen stuff into Nitto money.  There are some times where this is legit, but VERY few!
 6  Premium Car This is one is specificaly about premium car's (F1's and Funny's).  These cars are tracked by the system.  The system knows if you bought one from Nitto or not and each one is tagged.  The mod's and admin's have been known to TAKE these cars away if you did not purchase them.  So even IF you get one by purchase, pinks or free, you might just lose it.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
 7  Selling car This is line with #1.  IF you actually get the car most of the time it was stolen.  See also #6
 9  Pay half for the car now, half after delivery This is usually done on high priced cars.  Usually selling for close to market value.   They will say to deposit the money into a team account or race and foul to give it to them.   Then once you give them the deposit they will dissapear!  This is just like a bunch of the above listed scams!

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Teams are not always scams!  They can actually be very bennifical to you and a fun aspect of the game.  However there are some team scams that you need to be aware of!  Team leaders control ALL the team money.  Trust them before you do ANYTHING with a team.

 1  Sign Up Bonus Nothing is for free.  Teams do not normally just give out money for joining.  If they do it is cause they got money is stolen and they are liable to steal it from you next!
 2  Entry Fee This is just a plain on scam.  You put money in the team account, then the leader boots you off the team
 3  Team Deposits Be with a team for awhile and trust the team leader befoore you deposit any money into the team account.  The team leader controls all the money, so you better trust the person!
 4  Paying Teams Teams that claim to pay a weekly amount of money are usually full of bullshit.  It is usually just a ploy to get you to join the team and deposit money.  This one also fall in line with #1

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This page is a work in progess!
  We will keep adding known scams as we find them or as they are submitted to us
Please continue to check back for updates!!
Feel free to submit your known scams here

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