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There are 2 different alternatives to just clicking on, and then
sliding the little green gas button to make the car go!

This page outlines both of them

Option # 1 = 2 Button Click
This is a really easy way to lock your mouse on to the gas button with nothing extra needed.

  • Step 1 - When you go to the race screen, roll up to the staging line like normal, but don't actually stage
  • Step 2 - Click and hold the left mouse button on the green gas button
  • Step 3 - While holding down the left click button, click (do not hold) the right click button
  • Step 4 - Release both mouse buttons

    Your mouse should now be LOCKED on the gas button and it will now move simply by moving the mouse

  • Step - 5 Finish staging and run your race with the mouse connected to the gas button
  • Step - 6 To unlock your mouse from the gas button, simply click the left button again

  • Option # 2 = Nitto SpaceGas

    SpaceGas ©2004 Nitto Nuts
    Nitto SpaceGas is a Visual Basic program created by a guy named Nitto Nuts that alows
    you to use the space bar on your keyboard to switch the gas to full on or full off.

  • As tested, this tool creates a very simmiliar function to that of the 2 button click method.  The program has been checked by both helmet_man and myself (iMob), and the code was clean and virus and keylogger free.

  • Through our testing we did find that if your system is "Laggy" this program will increase the lag, but overall it did what it was supposed to do.

  • Instructions on use - Written by Nitto Nuts
    To use this program simply click enable then goto Nitto and right click on the gas button (the one you drag to go vroom), Then once the status says "Ready" you can use the spacebar to give your car full gas, Simply let go of spacebar to cut off the gas. You can also click the right mouse button again to let you use spacebar normally again. Simply right click back onto the gas button to reenable.
    Download SpaceGas as ZIP     Download SpaceGas as EXE     Download SpaceGas from pcbot2k

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