Nitto, Nitto1320, best and longest running resource website. For more then 2 years NOSS - Nitto One stop Shop has been giving the best ratios and tips to all of Nitto1320. We give you racing tips to show you how to run better and the best ratios for nitto1320. Nitto racing, Nittoracing, Nitto 1320.
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How to create a contest
Login to the contest system/forum Click "Your Contest Admin" on the menu bar Click the "Create New Contest" button Fill out the contest information: Name Type & car (car only if its a head to head contest) Start date (This is when racers should expect to start racing) Slots (This is the number of racers you want in your contest) Entry fee Prizes (Enter what you are awarding for prizes. This is an open field and anything can be entered) Double Foul/Breakout Rule (See Note #1 below) Contest Notes & Rules (This is where you enter information on how the contest will be run, who to send races to and such. See Note #2 for more information) Click Create contest
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