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Alt Codes are special characters that you can put on the side of your car.
Their USED TO be close to 100 of them, but Nitto took them away
Now NOSS has brought you a NEW list of codes that DO work!

To use them, simply go to the "Paint Shop" and click in the "Car Number" box like normal.
Instead of putting a number or letter in the box, hold the "Alt" key on your keyboard,
and using the number pad on the right side of your keyboard, enter a number listed on the chart below.
Once you have entered the number RELEASE THE ALT KEY, and you should see the symbol in the box and on the car.

You are still limited to only 2 characters but at least this gives us some more varity.

 ALT #  Symbol Proper Name
 128  €  euro sign 
 132  „  double low-9 quotation mark 
 133  …  horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader 
 134  †  dagger 
 135  ‡  double dagger 
 136  ˆ  modifier letter circumflex accent 
 137  ‰  per mille sign 
 139  ‹  single left-pointing angle quotation mark 
 145  ‘  left single quotation mark 
 146  ’  right single quotation mark 
 147  “  left double quotation mark 
 148  ”  right double quotation mark 
 149  •  bullet = black small circle 
 150  –  en dash 
 151  —  em dash 
 152  ˜  small tilde 
 153  ™  trade mark sign 
 155  ›  single right-pointing angle quotation mark 

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